Welcome to my online portfolio. On these pages, you will find a reasonable cross section of my artistic works. Nearly everything here was created while I was studying at San Jose State University, although a couple of the paintings in the 'traditional' section were made earlier. My most recent work has been generated digitally, using tools like Photoshop. Premiere, and Softimage. I find dynamic media to be somewhat more interesting than static images...

But the internet isn't quite ready for high quality video, so most of what you will find here are still images. There are movie files of two student projects in the 'digital' section, but they haven't been compressed much, so they are quite large, despite the fact they are short. Most of the digital images are large renders designed to display my proficiency at creating 3D models. All modeling was done under Softimage, and most textures were generated by hand in Photoshop, although I do use photographs when they are appropriate.

Speaking of photography, I'm into that as well. Most of my photography is of natural settings, although some of my student work was on the ugliness of the city... which is easily depicted with black and white film. I am fairly intrigued by man's interaction with the planet, and it has become something of a theme to much of my art. But, enough of my rambling... it is far better to see for yourself. Simply click the appropriate icon for that which you wish to see or read, and I hope it brings you enjoyment.

All images and writings on this page are mine. If you want to use it for noncommercial means, please ask me first. I promise I won't bite your head off or anything... No commercial requests, though.

While the navigation portions of this site should be fine at normal VGA resolution, some of the images within are quite large, and will not properly fit on monitors running at low resolutions.

Feedback is welcome... Sean Naberhuis opusiv@earthlink.net

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