About me? Well, my name is Sean, and I like messing around with visual content. I consider myself proficient in the use of a camera (digital and traditional), Photoshop, Softimage, Premiere, DeBabelizer, and Windows (95 / 98 / NT) software. I also have a fair knowledge of Director, Illustrator, SGI IRIX OS, and the Macintosh OS as well, although it has been a while since I have used any of these... .

You may notice broken triangles associated with many of the paintings and drawings in the traditional section. This is a symbol of learning, and I place it on most of the traditional pieces I consider completed. The broken triangle has also been incorporated into the NAV logo, which is on the top banner of this site, and displayed after my animated projects. NAV stands for Naberhuis Artistic Venture, in case you were interested.

I will be putting up a personal web site at some time, and when I do, I will provide a link to it from here.


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