In addition to the somewhat more traditional studies artists frequently engage, I also trained myself to use language. To this end, I have written many short stories, but never anything longer. This will likely change, as I also enjoy writing. For now, I am posting some of my favorite fictional works from the many English classes I attended in college, and I will add aditional work as it is made ready for eyes other than my own. I hope you like them.

Grumpy: Bitter old men. (1997)

Popsicle: Kids love popsicles, eh? (1996)

New Beginnings: New beginnings in familiar places. (1996)

Powerless: Bertha Dregsmyre is forced to live a day without OJ... (1995)

Urraca Gold: Treasure hunting and ancient native curses. (1995)

Justice?: Should abortion be legal? (1994)

Movies: The sticky floors aren’t as bad as they used to be... (1992)


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